Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I wish I knew

((Another I didn't publicly post... haven't read it since until now. Kinda has a whole new meaning in hind sight! Love it when this happens!))

I wish I knew the right thing to do
My heart is torn and I feel so blue
The word just won't come
Oh, what to do
If he only knew

Would he kiss me
Lay down beside me and touch my face
Make me feel so secure in such a scary place

If he only knew...
The fear that tells my heart what I can't do
The places that my mind runs to
The feeling I can't shake that it just ain't enough
Who ever knew love would be this tough

I wish I knew the words to say
I wish I could put my heart on display
I need him to know
Oh, what to do
If he only knew

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