Thursday, October 12, 2006

Jesus take the wheel

I barely remember writing that last blog - it just seems like so long ago! I'm continually praising the Lord for all He has done. In the midst of the storm I've had to keep my eyes on Him. The giants I spoke about before were no the only giants I've had to face along the way. But, in His perfect timing it will all come together!

Just to update all you curious folks out there... tomorrow I will be meeting with my attorney to re-draft a contract with my offer... negotiating is not my strong suite... so I don't like this much. However, I feel that the Lord has given me a clear answer and that both parties are going to be very happy with this offer and the contract. Once I have that in line the appraisal and inspection will ensue... yay! Tentative closing date? Nov 17th. If I had it my way I wuld do it earlier... but I don't really want to pay interest for many more days that is absolutely necessary.

OK... so no one EVER told me what a pain in the buhunkuss it is to buy a house! Ya coulda warned me!!! But in the end it will all be well worth it!

In other news... as it was brought to my attention this evening by a certain special someone... I will now have my very own refrigerator in my very own house with a very special honey-do list on it for a certain special someone. :-) I told him it was all his fault because he volunteered himself. Now I just got to think of all the potential projects he can work on for me. Wow! Is that weird or what?! Who ever thought Miss Independent Me would have a honey-do list when I've always been of the mindset "I don't need your help!" Who is this man that has come in and upset my life! (I mean that in the sweetest most endearing way Jason).

Yeah... so, things are changing pretty fast. I'm purging... so right now I'm packing things up that I don't want or have room for for a yard sale. I'm making a list of things I need and things I have... and of course the dreaded 'project list' (a list of all the things I want to do to the house at some point). If you are reading this sweetheart - rest assured that some of those things will likely be added to the list of things you have already volunteered for. So, keep an eye on your honey-do list on the fridge... and bring your comfy tool belt, lol.

Work is crazy busy! We have yet to get another recruiter hired - and at this point it is really killing us. I have jury duty the week of 10/23... which I was recalled for from 6 months ago - and here we are again having to ask for me to be excused AGAIN! So... do I really need to be taking time off to close on the house and move? Probably not... but you know what, the Lord will work it all out - I can't sweat the small stuff.

I hope you all are blessed! I need to head to bed.


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