Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Reality check!

Wow... it's really getting down to a little less talk and a lot more action. I bought some tuscan place mats and napkins for the kitchen and a beautiful framed print of some pottery... and a canvas that is going to perfect in my room. I can hardly believe it!

So, I've started some packing... minor things. I keep thinking... what else can I do because it seems so far away, but it's really creeping up on me quick. I've got 2 full weeks before the move. HOLY COW!!! Oh, and get this... I have to go to Atlanta on business the 7th - 9th... GREAT!!! So, bottom line is it is time to get a move on.

In other news... KK is still struggling with this allergy/sinus stuff and ended up with yet ANOTHER ear infection. Dr H is talking allergist or tubes in the ears if things don't turn around quick. The ear infection was so bad in one ear that her ear drum was bulging. Poor baby is having to get the round of 3 antibiotics shots every other day since the last 3 rounds of oral antibiotics didn't work. We are definitely ready for some reliefs, so I'm doing what it takes. But it hurts my heart to have to see her go through that.

Right now it seems that I am in a season in my life of change. Everything is changing and nothing is staying the same. Not only is my life changing, I am changing. I think that is a positive thing. New opportunities are opening up... new people are coming into my life... it's really exciting. Unfortunately, with the good is also the bad.

You never know who you can trust. I'm a very trusting and loyal person. I'm understanding and I'm empathic. While those are good traits it can open me up to some very harsh realities and heart ache if I open my life up to the wrong person. You always hope that isn't the case, but sometimes you never know until its too late. I am so grateful that in each and every instance I have had the Lord has taught me something and I have grown from it. In his infinite wisdom and sovereignty he is weaving such a beautiful tapestry from my life. On the underneath there are tangles and knots that form a network and grounding for the beautiful picture on the surface. So, instead of looking at each and every tangle individually as he is "weaving" the story of my life I choose to look at the bigger picture... the beautiful results of what he is doing.

It seems so odd at such a time in my life that is full of hustle and bustle that He would tell me wait in a particular area of my life... but He has. And althought I don't know what is ahead I am trusting Him and I am waiting. The proverbial sitting still is killing me when everything else seems to be zooming ahead in my life. I don't wanna wait!!! It's scary... thinking things might get behind... but I wait, because ultimately HE knows what is best... see I can't see what the Lord is orchestrating. I can't see what He is protecting me from or preparing me for, or how is he preparing someone else for whatever it is that is to come. Trust, faith, hope, honor... all things I am having to work at. Change is good!!!

God bless!


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