Thursday, April 26, 2007

I'm supposed to be at the gym

I'm really supposed to be at the gym right now but after being on my feet over half the day I just don't have it in me. No motivation what so ever. So, here I am instead blogging... which is something I haven't done in quite some time.

So life for me right now is pretty hectic. Being a mom, a fiancé, dedicated employee, home owner and wedding planner extrodianierre is all very time consuming. In the midst of all the activity I'll be honest that the Lord has really taken a back burner. It's such a shame... so very sad... that the very one who has been so faithful to me through it all and blessed me with everything that I have get my left-overs.

At the end of the day, when I'm worn out an depleated of mental capability I sap out this sorry little prayer... and what's more, I'm half asleep before I can even finish. He gives me breath and life... and he sent His Son that we would have life more abundant... but I'll tell you right now that I'm not living the abundant life. Stress and frustration and busyness are dominating my life right now. Why would I allow that???

Bottom line - time to get back on track. Praise my gracious Heavenly Father above for a fresh start any time I ask for it!!! If you need one too... just remember, all you gotta do is ask!

Love Always,

The Future Mrs JD

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