Wednesday, June 6, 2007

It's been a while

So I'm out of practice with writing my blogs regularly like I had been doing. Life has just been so busy that although I've longed to write, to express myself, to get it out of my head and on the digital paper... I haven't had a lot of time to do so. Soooo... sorry for not keeping you guys in the know on what is up with me.

So... less than 4 months to go til the day I become Mrs JD. Things have been hectic trying to find a new place to do the wedding... Grrrrrr. We somehow never made it to the calendar at RiverPoint. We have something in place to have the wedding at Wynfield Plantation... but I recently learned that an old farm house is actually available for weddings and receptions that is EXACTLY what I would want. So, it may be changing but at least we have a date locked in for us somewhere right now.

Ugh... budget, flowers, checking up on bridesmaids and groomsmen, catering, wedding vows, music... it's wearing me out!!! It's all swirling in my head like a toilet bowl in constant flush mode... the loud commercial kind that are in the mall bathroom and echo horribly... yeah, that roaring, sloshing sound it about what it like in my head. LOL

But I tell you what - God is good! He has continued to bless and provide. He has met us at every need. No matter how inconsistent I am He is always right there... and knowing that is motivation enough to keep me going. Without his grace and mercy I would be without hope... because frankly, I mess up all the time. But He knew I would never be able to be perfect and that is why He sent His Son. I tell you what... like Mary (John 12:3) my alabaster jar is full of hopes and dreams... my life, everything I am and will be... all that I have. And I want to honor Him with it as much as she did by annointing the feet of her Lord.
Well, tis late - I must go. Goodnight all!

God bless

The Future Mrs JD

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