Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Science projects!

Remember the days when it was exciting to stay up late working on a school project to get it finished the night before it was due?  Yeah, not so much now.  LOL  It is now 1:00 am and I am just about to go to bed after helping my 4th grader finish her science project on Uranus - don't giggle, I know you want to but remember we are the adults, not the 4th graders ;-).  Why the procrastinatin, you ask?  Didn't we have a long weekend to work on it, you say?  Why yes, yes we did.  Unfortunately, I didn't know about the project until Thursday and didn't get the project guidelinbes until Friday because KK and I were at Scottish Rite for her procedure when the teacher passed them out.  Apparently, KK misplaced the one she recieved when she returned and didn't think about it until late last week.

I made it out alive... barely... and with only a few tears, which were completrly my boneheaded fault.  We did a paper mache  model of uranus and it's 5 major moons and planned to hang it in a black lined boxed painted with stars.  In my efforts to speed the drying process of the paint I popped that bad boy in the oven.  It worked so well to quickly dry the paper mache moons we didn;t get to yesterday but needed to be able to paint.  Totally forgot to pop the balloon before I put it in the oven... didn't even cross my mind what could happen.  We open the oven to a beautifully dried but busted wide open Uranus. MORTIFIED!!!  But, Daddy to the rescue.  He came up with the idea to cut it in half and mount it on the back wall of the box rather than hanging it.  The problem then because how to affix it to the wall... my handy dandy glue gun no where in sight.  It remains to be seen if the liquid nails I happened to scrounge up will hold it but if all else fails... DUCT TAPE!!!  We shall see what the verdict is in the morning.  Until then, I'm going to rest my pretty little head.

Nighty night!

Mrs JD

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