Monday, November 27, 2006

My heart isn't in this blog

I can't seem to find the poetic words to express what I really want to say tonight. To say the least, my heart is just not into writing right now. However, be it said that I need to write this blog. My heart seems to be elsewhere as of late. Right now I think it's probably on it's way to Winn-Dixie. :-) I'm not being funny or cute... ok, well I am - but the point is that someone very special has taken my heart with him.

So on a night like tonight when I keep typing and backspacing and typing again... starting over several times, adding things in and taking stuff out - I can't seem to concentrate on how to say things or what to say or even how to put it all together with a nice big red bow on top... just for him... I figure I might as well say anything as opposed to nothing. And even if it's not terribly impressive to most - the one who counts will get what I mean. I realize that was a terrible run-on... and I don't care (for the record). With so many possibilities of what to say and where to go with all that is on my heart and mind... I can't possibly write a truly coherent masterpiece of a blog.

My typical cutseyness doesn't seem to be working for me tonight. I guess because being too cute would only diminish the sincerity of it all. Because, let me tell you... this man is beyond wonderful to me - and always has been. His shadow darkened my door long before the introduction of Jason... and our witty banter has outlasted the faint whispering stream of lies and broken promises that flowed from Jason's mouth. His words have always been sincere and true - and he tells me every day how beautiful he thinks I am.

I am overcome with gratefulness that the Lord has blessed me so greatly by placing him along my path. He has such a gracious servants heart. He has been strength for me not only physically but emotionally. He's been there for me when most other guys probably would have walked away in frustration. He never once said I told you so and gave me the opportunity to sort some things out for myself but was always willing to give an opinion when asked for it.

I can't imagine what my life would be like right now without JD. Well... for one I probably wouldn't have half of the things around this house accomplished - he has been such a huge help!

In other respects... I think I might feel a little tossed about... he's been an anchor for me.
In short... my heart may not be in this blog... but I know where to find it. Right now it seems that some guy with a really hot Monte Carlo has it. I just hope he is careful with it and keeps it all in one piece. :-)

Be blessed!


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