Thursday, December 28, 2006

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and a Happy New Year

So tonight I was queen of the kitchen... meatloaf, mashed potatos (the homemade kind - NOT instant), brussel sprouts (yes, JD and I both love them!), the whole shebang. Not too bad considering I have never made meatloaf or fixed homemade mashed potatos before! Actually, it was quite delish! It was a reminder of how good it feels to be in sync... to prepare a whole meal like that with perfect timing - it takes talent. To be honest - I'm quite out of practice in the kitchen... but I'm hoping to change that now that I have my own home.

It's quite unbelievable that we are getting ready to ring in a new year. This will be the first in I'm not sure how long that I won't be single. I'm happy to be looking forward to 2007 with one of the most incredible men I know! It's really been an amazing few months leading up to now and I'm so thankful to have had JD around to be a part of it all - it wouldn't have been near as special or amazing without him.

I don't feel I'm on my game as far as writing goes tonight... but it's been a while and I felt like writing a blog before getting to work on some laundry. It's the procrastinator in me I guess. At any rate... my first Christmas in my own home was magical. The minimalist Christmas tree was beautiful... even when KK undecorated it constantly. Of course the laundry piled up a bit and the weight too, lol... but we enjoyed time with family and eating - and that is what matters.

So - into the next year I will carry some of that first Christmas in you own home magic with me... and at the end of January I will get to add some Disney magic to it... totally excited to be taking KK on her first trip to Disney! She is going to have a blast! Along with the magic I will carry a hope in my heart for what is to come - things that I cannot know or see... but things that have been promised long before I was ever born. It is so wonderful to see The Masters hands at work... and I'm excited to see the tapestry he is weaving for this next year in my life. He has my best in mind (Jeremiah 29:11)... he has me hemmed in before and behind (Psalm 139)... so I know that whatever it is, it is good.

I'm certain that no matter what 2007 may bring that my love will be with me... he has hung in there through thick and thin... and now has made it through several family functions (I'm extremely impressed - as is the rest of the family). There are talks in the grapevine of wedding bells that neither JD nor I were ringing... so we are unsure at this point if an eccentric family member has made mention of some sort of vision, or if we are really putting off those types of vibes, lol. Either way... we are happy to know that everyone wishes us well and strongly approves. That's a first for me!

I did ask JD if he would marry me for my meatloaf and mashed potatos. He quickly replied that he would marry me for my banana pudding... and everything else is just gravy. Guess it's true - the way to a man's heart is through his stomach! LOL

That's all for now - I'll make sure I keep everyone updated. Have a safe and Happy New Year!

May God bless you with all the best in 2007.


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