Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wedding bells and puppy dog tails

Ever wonder how getting married changes the dynamics of a relationship? Just get engaged and start planning a wedding - I think that is close enough!!! I tell ya, for a guy who said - just plan it and I'll show up regarding his wedding (mind you this was pre-engagement) he sure has a lot of opinions and has been very involved! Now, don't get me wrong - I love it! I love the fact that he wants the day to be perfect too - I just wish his idea of perfect and my idea of perfect were one in the same. LOL There are things that he really cares about that I don't. Likewise there are things that I very much care about that really don't matter to him. But I guess if it weren't that way he would be my best gal pal instead of my fiancé. Amen?

So, along with the wedding bells and typical sugar and spice and everything nice girly stuff... there's also the snips and snails and puppy dog tails. I'm just so happy to be marrying such a wonderful, loving, and attentive man. I often wonder if anyone is as lucky as me? So... anyone else lucky enough to marry a man that tells her she is beautiful every day? One that shares in rejoicing over the blessing that God seems to pouring over us daily? One that will stand behind her 100% on any decision?

Does it get any better? OK Lord - I'm waiting expectantly... sooooo.... does it??? :-)

Being that KK is going in for surgery at 7:15 in the morning I guess I should be getting off here and heading to bed. Keep us in your prayers! I think this is probably going to be a little harder on mommy than it is on KK. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks for all your love and concern!

God bless,

The Future Mrs JD

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