Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Men should come with warning labels

Along my journey in life I have discovered many different things that have changed the way that I view life and people; things that have changed the way that I respond to situations and people. I consider myself to be a well adjusted individual, level-headed, and kind-hearted. I choose to see the positive in people and give the benefit of the doubt more often than not. Some call that naivete… I call it hope. It gives me much more joy in life to expect the best and deal with the disappointments as they come than constantly living in pessimism and doubt and viewing the positive things as happenstance seems to give others that I know.

I have a hope (much like MLK had a dream, lol) that people will treat me with the same respect, kindness, and consideration that I show them. That doesn't always happen, unfortunately, and when it doesn't, as with some recent circumstances in my life, that can leave you reeling. I'm not completely dissillutioned because of this one bad experience. If allowed that I would have lost hope long ago. But I think I gain a little more insight with each experience with disappointment.

The Lord has really blessed me with opportunities; opportunities of prosperity and opportunities of growth. I'll tell you one thing, opportunities of growth aren't always pleasant but they are always prosperous if you will use what you learned.

Through all the hardships and mishaps I have gained insight and even found humor. I have found ways to be at peace with my past and what has made me who I am to the point that I can share about it and laugh. After having shared some of these insights and humor with a friend (my now wonderful fiancé) who had read some of my writings in blogs on Myspace he encouraged me to write about it. I had never thought of really being a writer, although all my life I had been praised for my talent with words.

The thought to actually write a book came at a time in my life that I was dealing with the confusion that can come with relationships with the opposite sex. As has often been the case in the history of my love life, I was getting mixed signals. I was very much into the guys I was dating at the time, Jason. He was always sure to say all the right things but he didn't always follow the with actions that backed up his words. Two months and many excuses later I had had enough. Out of all of this has come the idea for "Men should come with warning labels." The idea is to present serious issues in relationships and hard hitting topics with a little bit of humor.

I've come up with a few things and working on some more. I can use encouragement and even ideas for things to write about – so please ladies, feel free to tell me what warning labels you think men should come with. I'll keep you post on my progress.

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