Sunday, May 7, 2006

Sweet child of mine

How unbelievably adorable and sweet can one child be? I have the sweetest little child... and yet she begins the pitching of fits and kicking of legs and stamping of feet when she doesn't get her way. Hmmm, wonder where she got that from?

Human nature as it is, it's time to begin the discipline. I hate to see that little curled up lip and crocodile tears streaming down the face when she gets a firm "No" as hold her hands together so that she can't touch whatever it is she was trying to get into that she shouldn't, but I refuse to suffer embarrassment later down the road because of an unbearable brat of a child. Not that MY daughter could EVER be a brat (riiiiight).

Ok, so tell me again where the parenting section is in the Bible? Cause I need some help Lord! Holy spirit intercede, lol!!! Thank heaven for council from the wise women who have gone before me... and for the intercessory prayer ministry at Sherwood (heehee).

I must say though, in addition to the intro to fit pitching she also says thank you when you give her something (and sometimes when she is giving you something). She is also very generous with her hugs. Kisses she generally saves for just Mommy, Papa, and Mimi, though. One of the little boys at church took her by the hand tonight and walked through the atrium with her. Poor Papa, he was totally crushed that he didn't get a shot of that with his camera, which was sitting on the table at home.

Hopefully in the next week or so we will be getting her 12 month pics done... so I'll have some more pics of her posted. I also need to get her birthday party pictures developed and get them posted. She is definitely a shutter bug! She loves the camera and the camera loves her. Then again... she loves anything with buttons. Thank the Lord she got her own phone for a present at her borthday party.

Speaking of the party... it went very well! Her Daddy, his GF, and his brother all came... along with much of the family and some friends from church. KK downed most of a small cake all on her own, which required a bath before we could continue with opening the presents. Now that is as sweet as it gets... pardon the pun, lol.

Boy - a year ago this time KK was a wee little (or really not so little) newborn and I was just getting my first few hours of actual sleep in over 3 days. So, this teething thing doesn't sound so bad in comparison... I'll have to keep reminding myself of this fact.

She actually went down pretty well tonight. We went to dinner after church and got home a little late, so she was fussy, but I opted to wipe her down with baby wipes rather than bathe her then a quick massage with the creamy baby oil, on with the night night clothes (as we call them) and then to the rocking chair with a cup and some books. She got the sweetest story book about a kitten from her Daddy's GF. So, I read her that and The Going to Bed Book. She finished her cup and went out like a light.

She is tucked sweetly in her crib as I type right now, and the clicking of the keys on the keyboard has yet to disturb her. Sweet lullaby music fills the room and every now and then she sighes... sweet child of mine.

How gracious, how wonderful the Lord is to have entrusted me with this little angel.

God Bless!


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