Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"I big girl! I big sisser!"

The time is getting closer (just 5 more weeks) and there is more and more buzz in the house about Ry's impending entrance into the Dorough family. KK's latest announcement any chance she gets: "I big girl! I big sisser!" Everyone finds this extremely endearing. I wonder how endearing it will be when she starts announcing where Ry came from... thank heaven I'm having a C-Section! The maternity coordinator at the hospital yesterday told me how her child announces all the time that her mommy pushed her baby sister out of her hiney. Out of the mouths of babes!!!

Over the weekend John put together the bassinet and we now have it settled in our room. KK was quite excited by the site of all the little parts and peices on the floor as Daddy put it together. She looks, examining each part carefully and then comes to me and says "Dat mine? Dat all mine?!" While waving her hand over the pile of parts in the floor. I giggled and said "No, honey, that's Ry's bed. Daddy is putting it together so she will have a place to sleep when she is born." Her eyes light up (apparently the thought of a new sister is even better than the thought of a new toy) and she says "Oh, dats Ryyeee's bed?". "Yes, honey, that's Ry's bed."
Thing go back to business as usual and she did get to see the final product before going to bed. She pops up the next morning and her first question is "Where Ryyeee's bed?" I explained that it was in our room where she would sleep until she is ready for a crib. I reminded her of when she was in a crib and she went on to have some extended conversation about that that I didn't particularly understand. :-)

The day goes on, she goes to school and I to work. When I pick her up and get home she tells me she is going to go play while I'm in the kitchen making dinner. I hear her holler "Turn on yites" (lights for those who don't speak KKese). I tell her she's a big girl she can turn on the lights. A minute later I hear "Mommy! I see Ryyeee?" I walk back there and see her standing in front of Ry's bassinet in my room (she was asking if she could turn on my light in my room, not hers, lol). She has this excited grin and she says again "I see Ryyeee?!"

Needless to say, it made me laugh, but I managed to explain that Ry is still growing in mommy's belly and it will still be a little while before she is born and will sleep in her bed. She is terribly excited about seeing her baby sister.

KK still insisted on checking Ry's bed out again last night... I guess she just wants to make sure everything is still in place for the arrrival of her sister. Afterall, she is "big sisser" and has to look out for the little one. Sheesh I love that little girl!

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