Thursday, January 29, 2009

No stranger to pain

I can’t seem to sleep. Probably due to some things I have going on in my life currently. It’s regrettable that sometimes we hurt the ones we love. Even more so when the effects will likely be felt for a lifetime. So what do we do with this pain and where do we go from here? I guess those are things I will learn as I go.

I’m no stranger to hurt. I’ve been betrayed and deceived in ways that people couldn’t imagine… I have learned the art (and choice) of forgiveness well. I am thankful for that. I am also thankful that each hurt, each trial, each seeming setback in my life has served a purpose. I know God has made sure of that. Sometimes you just have to look at things and say “Maybe this is what it took…” to change you, someone you love, a path you were on, or the way you view things. Whatever it is… it will lead to something better.

Right now I feel like I am walking in the wilderness. I feel lost and unsure… and I can’t see my path for all the trees and brush before me. I have doubts and unsure footing and all I know to do right now is listen to the still small voice within. I know my Lord is with me… and he can see what is before me when I can’t, so all I can do is trust Him. I can try to follow in His footsteps of selflessness and forgiveness and love to get through this mess.

The people who have hurt me may not deserve my forgiveness any more than I deserve God’s for all the wrong I’ve done in my life… but you know what? He loves me (and every other person on this earth) so much that it didn’t matter… he provided a way of salvation and forgave our sins. So, I’m choosing to do the same… out of love. It’s a process… and something to be committed to on a daily basis. I know this won’t be easy when I’m in weak moments feeling the deepest of sorrow, abandonment, and betrayal.

As deep and wide as my heart is, in the very depths I feel complete agony. I feel sorrow for what is lost and what I know will never be the same. But I move forward and press on know that the deeper the valleys I face the higher the peaks I will climb. I’m just passing through. So, I’m holding the hand of my savior and pressing on toward that mark. I’m looking forward to the growth I can expect that can only come from this kind of pain.

I know I’m not alone in this. (You said it first! :-))

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  1. Have you read "The Shack"? Its a great book. It focuses alot on forgiveness and let me tell you I am quite familiar with forgiveness and how hard it is and what it takes to get there. And no your not alone in this.